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Man charged with chasing couple, baby in park is acquitted due to insanity, committed to Western State Hospital

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — James Leroy Solvey was facing multiple felony charges of 2nd degree assault with a deadly weapon and harassment while threatening to kill or do bodily injury stemming from a March 30th incident in Squalicum Creek Park.

Whatcom County Superior Court records show that a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity was accepted by the court during a June 2nd hearing. That a verdict was followed by an order of commitment to Western State Hospital in Lakewood, Washington, during the same hearing.

The charges followed an incident when 2 adults were walking with their 8-month-old baby in the park when Solvey approached and asked for money.  After they told him they did not have any, Solvey pulled out what appeared to them to be a large pair of scissors and pointed it at them while yelling threats, including “I am not homeless! I will stab you! I am a Marine! I will rape you and your wife! You better run! This is my park!”

The adults ran from the area with the baby stroller. Solvey chased them with the scissors out. They tried to get to their car, but Solvey prevented them from doing that, so they ran to the street to get help. There they encountered another man who said he was armed and would keep them safe from any further attacks. 

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Soon after, Solvey ran south towards the creek and into a business at a nearby business park where he was taken into custody after a brief struggle with BPD officers.

At the time of the hearing, Solvey was also awaiting trial in Whatcom County Superior Court for felony burglary and gross misdemeanor 3rd degree theft and malicious mischief.

Solvey has prior felony convictions for harassment, burglary, malicious mischief and assault dating back to 1993.


  1. Erlin Zignatovitch June 6, 2022

    Prior felonies, awaiting trial for a felony, and now another felony. Why was he walking around in the first place? Because our justice system is seriously flawed! He’ll go to the funny farm and be out in six months —cured. There’s only one place for homicidal maniacs:Death Row!

  2. Ben June 6, 2022

    Obviously death penalty is not okay but people like him should stay incarcerated. Same as domestic violence perpetrators should never be allowed access to guns. People who continuously exhibit violent behavior are a danger to the public. It’s not a matter of if but when they will assault or possibly kill someone.

  3. Lori June 6, 2022

    Incredibly fortunate that there was an armed person willing to step in to help and protect this poor couple and baby. Gun ownership at its best right there

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