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LTTE: Request a ballot for the Whatcom Conservation District election.

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Now is a great time to request a mail in ballot for the Whatcom Conservation District Election.

Every year I hear people’s complaints and questions about this election, so I thought I would go ahead and address some of the most common ones for my fellow Ferndale community members.

What is the Whatcom Conservation District (WCD)?
It’s a county level board run organization with the mission “Helping landowners and farmers of Whatcom County conserve natural resources since 1946”

The WCD operates in a few key ways: landowner and farmer resources, habitat preservation and the CREP program, education, and research.

The WCD does not write or pass laws. The WCD has its own independent budget. While it does receive funds from Federal, State and County level governments, it does not have the power to levy or collect taxes.

Why doesn’t everyone get a WCD ballot automatically?
The WCD must hold and pay for its own independent elections. The cost of sending a ballot to every voter in Whatcom County is over $100,000. As an agency with a small budget, they simply cannot afford this.

What happens if I don’t request a ballot? 
Voting is open to all Whatcom residents who are registered to vote. If you do not request s ballot by February 7th online, you can still vote in person on election day at the WCD offices. Election day this year is March 24th. This is a rare opportunity to vote in person in our predominantly vote by mail state!

Learn more about the Whatcom Conservation District:

Follow this link to request a ballot: Request a Ballot HERE

Colleen Harper

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