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LTTE: Questions levy election timing and mil rate requested

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Questions, questions, questions – Ferndale voters should be asking themselves and the FSD admin some questions about the upcoming February levy vote.

Why hold a special election in February which costs more then waiting until November? (The school board’s budget for 2019-2020 has $72,000 for election costs.) Why would you not wait until November for a larger voter turnout and participation in this important vote? Isn’t community involvement important to you? You already have the 2.17 for 2020 and said at a school board meeting (October 29) that you can get by with other funds – so what is the rush? Why not take the time to communicate with the public and let us see our property assessments before deciding our vote?

Why didn’t you keep the levy at the 1.50 lid that was promised because you wanted to “sell” a bond? (I know, I know – it was a “projection not a promise”. If so – did you pinpoint strongly on any bond info or Facebook chats at Woods that it was projection and that it could change in the future, so don’t hold us to 1.50? Aren’t you knowledgeable about what is happening in Olympia and probably are well aware of “talk” and possible future changes?) Why isn’t 1.50 now not enough when it would have needed to be, and would have remained so, if YOU had succeeded in convincing the state to NOT raise the lid? Why would you ask for the top of the levy lid, knowing that 1.50 would most certainly guarantee a yes vote, build trust, and not make you look like “liars” to the voters – as Dr. Quinn stated in the Herald?

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Why do you need the 2.50? Are you getting the same or more from the state and the 2.50 will give you much more then you actually need, or is now needed to cover recent spending decisions that are now future spending commitments which should have been thought through? Is 2.50 even going to be enough when at a school board meeting (October 29) you said you need 3.39 to keep what you have – which implies that there will certainly be cuts no matter what? Are there plans in the works at the state legislature to give you the ability to ask for that 3.39 or more?

Perhaps a “no” vote in February will lead to an opportunity for truth and transparency. Time will tell.

Joey McAlpine

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  1. Aron Thompson January 10, 2020

    Excellent letter – concur completely.

  2. Clint H January 10, 2020

    Special election only requires 50-60 % of total voter’s from regular election to pass. Now that ALL the tax rates are going up , hopefully folks come to there senses and vote no to the FSD madness.

  3. Kandi Lynne January 13, 2020

    Great letter! Thanks for taking the time to share.

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