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LTTE: Ferndale councilmember invites public participation

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During my campaign for Ferndale City Council I expressed a deep interest in improving public participation in City Council decisions before they are made. Ferndale has nearly 15,000 residents and only a tiny fraction currently participate in these decisions. People have many valid reasons why they don’t participate at Council meetings: children, work, school, transportation issues, illness, and a wide variety of other responsibilities. Ferndale and the Council lose out when our citizens are unable to participate. My goal is to flip the participation dynamic. Instead of you spending time finding out what will be voted on and then making an effort to communicate your opinion to a Councilmember, I reach out directly to you.

Every two weeks, before each Council meeting, I will create an electronic survey that outlines the voting topics, my current position on each, and ask people if they agree or disagree. I do this because your voice matters. Through this process I can get a better feel for the will of the people before I vote. The surveys take between 2 and 10 minutes to complete depending on the voting topics. They can be completed from the comfort of your home, during halftime of your kid’s game, or any other convenient time and place.

Now, I need your help to spread awareness of the survey so that the results accurately reflect the diverse voices of Ferndale. If you are able to spread the word about the survey to your family and friends I would greatly appreciate it. Once people know it exists, they are generally eager to participate.

Below is the current survey:

Here is your chance to make your voice heard before I vote at the December 16, 2019 Ferndale City Council meeting. In the survey I outline my current positions on the topics I will be voting on and ask if you agree or disagree. These decisions will have an impact on your life and I want to give you an opportunity to participate. When you have a few minutes, I’d love to get your feedback.

I encourage you to sign up to receive future surveys directly via email. There is an option to sign up at the end of the survey.

Link to the December 16th Council Survey:

Ryan O’Larey
Ferndale City Councilmember – Position 5

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