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LTTE: Applauds those making deliveries to people in need

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The following is in response to the following feature story on My Ferndale News.

A big pat on the back to Stone Soup Farm!

I learned, in my hippie days, that a pot of soup was the best way to bring friends together! As an adult in training (a young parent) I learned the story “Stone Soup” working with the Cooperative Preschool. It made immediate sense to me and for many years I used the principle to lure my son’s friends to our home so that I knew where my son was and who he was spending time with. That trick worked well with hungry boys!

Now, in my senior years, I understand that comfort food is the best way to offer love, kindness and yes, comfort to groups in hard times as well. I applaud those making deliveries to people in need and have seen many such people/groups posting on the Ferndale Neighbors page in Facebook.

Good job everyone! Stay well!

Sharry Wade

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