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Lost property may be at the Ferndale Police Department

Ferndale Police Department (FPD) personnel keep track of lost and found property in the hopes of reuniting the items with their rightful owners. But property not claimed can eventually end up at auction.

People who have lost items in the Ferndale area are advised to call or stop by the Ferndale Police Department. Staff can check a database of found property to see if the lost items have been found and turned in. If not, the lost item’s information can be put on file to identify the owner if they are recovered.

FPD recently announced the following unclaimed items are in their property room.

  • tools
  • table
  • water bottle
  • pocket knife
  • wallets
  • cellphones
  • clothing
  • suitcase
  • jewelry
  • charger
  • casino card
  • blankets
  • lighter
  • bicycle
  • backpack

You are asked to call FPD Evidence Manager Kim Martin at (360) 483-5746. if you are missing any of these items.

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