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Local community sets up Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

A building damaged by Russian attacks in Ukraine (Unknown date). Photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Church of Bellingham
A building damaged by Russian attacks in Ukraine (Unknown date). Photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Church of Bellingham

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — Ben Boyko, a member and treasurer of the Slavic Gospel Church of Bellingham, told Whatcom News via email on March 25th, their community has been actively assisting Ukrainians impacted by recent invasions by Russian forces.

Whatcom County Slavic Community would like to express their sincere gratitude for all of the emotional, spiritual, and financial support that our Whatcom County businesses, neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family have provided during this difficult time for people of Ukraine.

In order to ensure that the assistance gets to the right place and for the right need, we established a committee of members that have direct contacts with communities in Ukraine.

Our primary mission currently is to assist with the very basic needs like food and water for those that have been isolated as well as fuel financing for transportation. Small groups of brave souls deliver these supplies and bring refugees out of the area after they drop supplies off. This has been the most challenging and dangerous task, as these so-called “Green Corridors” are constantly under attack.  Many of them have lost their lives, were injured, or captured.

One of our very own Whatcom County Paramedics just came back on Wednesday from a 2-week trip where he assisted refugees in Poland and Ukraine. He was able to cross the border into Ukraine after spending a couple of days in Poland.  His work consisted of delivering supplies, evacuating refugees, providing medical care at hospitals, and teaching First Aid. Currently we have another member volunteering at the Poland/Ukraine border. Another young couple from our church left yesterday for Poland to assist refugees as they arrive from Ukraine.Ben Boyko, Slavic Gospel Church of Bellingham

Boyko said, in response to inquiries about how people can aid in their efforts, they have established an account at Whatcom Educational Credit Union (WECU). Anyone wanting to financially assist can do so by donating to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund at any WECU Branch via account number 402183181.

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  1. Annie March 26, 2022

    Thank You for some good news about honest and caring people in Bellingham. I am outraged at the numbers of thieves, felons and generally nasty people who reportedly prey on others without a whit of remorse. They have no internal conscience. I think the good people outnumber the bad ones but the scoundrels sure cause misery.

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