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Letter to the Editor: Supports Mutchler for mayor

As a relatively new resident in Ferndale, WA, I have been so impressed with the manner in which the city is operated and run. Much of the credit for the safe neighborhoods, development of the multiple city parks, improved traffic flows, maintenance of public works, and improved school funding is due to the leadership of Jon Mutchler. I befriended Jon at a local fundraising event where he volunteered his time to play background piano. His positive and smiling demeanor was very contagious and his musical talent was apparent to anyone who attended. Although musical talent does translate into quality public service, since meeting Jon, I’ve been able to observe his personal integrity, his honesty, and his attention to the needs of the city I now call home. It is with great pleasure that I cast my vote in support of Jon Mutchler for another term as mayor and would encourage anyone who has any doubts about who to vote for, that a vote for Jon Mutchler is one that we are residents of Ferndale can trust in for the future.

Mark Kadel

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