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Letter to the Editor: Supports Fegan for city council

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I write, first and foremost, with a request for anyone who still has a ballot to mark and return it this weekend. Voting is our most important right and responsibility as citizens. Ferndale has the privilege of choosing between some very committed and capable candidates for office this year. They have dedicated time, energy, and expense to make Ferndale an even better place.

I also write to offer an endorsement of Maralise Fegan for Ferndale City Council. Maralise has run an exemplary grassroots campaign, doing more listening and learning than talking. I’ve learned, through working with Maralise through the Bond Task Force and the Support Ferndale Schools campaign committee for the bond, that she will serve with this approach as well. Maralise has a talent for listening to multiple viewpoints and quickly finding common ground. She uses data to make smart decisions, and asks challenging questions in order to find out more and promote transparency. Maralise is committed to listening to her fellow citizens to gather ideas, and to finding solutions that help Ferndale sustain growth while preserving what makes this city so special to all of us.

Please vote, and when you do, please vote Maralise Fegan for Ferndale City Council, Position 7.

Amy Nylen

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