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Letter to the Editor: New restaurant a welcome addition

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For approximately 5 years, Ferndale residents have had one local choice if they wish to eat breakfast in town, Cedars.

That has now changed, and in this writers humble opinion, changed for the better.

This morning, my wife and I tried “Al’s Downtown Cafe”

Good food, good flavor and portions that fill without feeling like a stuffed hippo.

We will definitely be back! Cedars is nice, and an old tradition in town, but their potions are huge and I am too old to eat that much any more.

Wait staff was very professional + friendly, we were glad to see the crowd that was present, an indication to me that Al’s will be a welcome addition to our downtown.

Now waiting for someone to open a good steak house again.

Paul Ingram

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One Comment

  1. Arlon Christensen September 21, 2019

    My wife and I went there on Tuesday, ordered eggs and bacon. My wife had the same, good portions
    and tasty. But, the seats are terrible, solid wood Not conformable at all. Then came the sticker shock,
    The tab was $40.00 + tip, I think for bacon and eggs this to RICH for my blood.
    I won’t be seeing them again.

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