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Injury crash on Meridian Street results in lane closures

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — First responders were dispatched to a report of a crash in the 4400 block of Meridian Street today, Friday, January 21st, about 7:45pm due to a report of a crash.

Initial reports from the scene were of a vehicle on its top off the road.

As of 8pm, law enforcement had reportedly begun detouring southbound traffic at Horton Road.

As of 8:30pm, 1 northbound lane was closed. Bellingham Police warned the lane closures were expected to continue for several hours.

4400 block of Meridian Street

According to the PulsePoint EMS dispatch log, at least 1 person was transported by medic from the crash scene.

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  1. Steve January 22, 2022

    Every day we see the horrible toll of our dangerous roads. At this point, people speed, weave in and out of traffic recklessly and make way more noise than necessary because THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES. When dangerous drivers start getting hit with $1000 fines and jail time, then and only then will they smarten up.

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