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WCFD7 battalion chief vehicle at scene of a car vs pedestrian incident (May 10, 2018). Photo: My Ferndale News

Homeowners within WCFD7 may see a drop in insurance costs

FERNDALE, Wash. — Whatcom County Fire District 7 (WCFD7) has improved their Protection Classification according to the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau (WSRB).

Protection Class ratings are used by insurance carriers in determining the risk and subsequently cost in providing insurance coverage for residential and commercial properties located within the fire district boundaries. Ratings range from 1 (best) to 10 (worst).

Based on an evaluation conducted in May, WCFD7’s Protection Class rating has dropped from 6 to 5. The change will be effective December 1st.

The Protection Class rating is determined by WSRB’s assessment of the fire district’s ability to suppress fires. Categories considered include:

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  • Fire Department 
    – distribution of fire stations, engine and ladder companies, pumping capacity, apparatus maintenance, department personnel staffing and training
  • Water Supply 
    – adequacy of firefighting water supply including water flow, hydrant locations and system maintenance
  • Emergency Communications 
    – evaluation of the community’s 911 system ability to receive and handle calls for emergency services
  • Fire Safety Control 
    – fire prevention, public education and building code enforcement

WCFD7 Fire Chief Larry Hoffman said in an email residents and business owners should contact their insurance agents to determine if possible savings in future insurance premiums may result from this improved rating.

WSRB evaluations are conducted every 3 years. “We are proud that we were able to obtain a lower rating and have a plan to work towards lowering the rating again in 3 years,” Hoffman said.

According to their website, “WSRB is an independent, not-for-profit, public service organization serving the Property and Casualty insurers and citizens of Washington. WSRB evaluates all Washington communities for their fire protection/suppression capabilities.”

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