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Hiker failed to return on time but the family knew where to send searchers

Racehorse Creek Falls. Photo: WCFD14
Racehorse Creek Falls. Photo: WCFD14

DEMING, Wash. — First responders were dispatched to the area of Racehorse Creek Falls in Deming early this morning, July 7th, after it was reported a hiker failed to return from a day trip in the area.

Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office released a press release today detailing how deputies located the missing person’s unoccupied vehicle on a remote gravel road and then checked a nearby trail. The trail ended after a quarter mile near a ravine. Deputies located the conscious and alert hiker at the bottom of the 100-foot ravine.

While Whatcom County Fire District 14 (WCD14) was called to assist, a deputy entered the ravine to assess the hiker’s injuries and stayed there while waiting for assistance.

Officials with WCFD14 said the hiker, who had a sprained ankle and had started the hike at 10am yesterday, was placed into a harness and hoisted out by firefighters.

WCFD14 officials credited the hiker for having shared the day’s plans with his family. As a result, the family was able to tell first responders exactly where to look, allowing crews to quickly make a rescue.

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