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Here’s what the City Council Committees will be discussing Wednesday morning

Ferndale City Council Committees will be meeting Wednesday, September 26th. There are currently 3 city council committees; Public Works & Utilities, Planning and Land Use and Finance and Administration (FA). Each meets in the main conference room at City Hall for up to an hour. The public is welcome to attend these meetings which are held at Ferndale City Hall, 2095 Main Street, in the main conference room which is accessed by an outside door on the southwest corner of the building.

Public Works and Utilities Committee (meets from 8am to 9am)

  1. Shannon Avenue property vacation request
    • The committee and city staff will discuss a recommendation to vacate a portion of city-owned property located at the intersection of Shannon Avenue and Fieldview Drive.

Planning and Land Use Committee (meets from 9am to 10am)

  1. Revision to Municipal Code regarding parking in a right-of-way
    • The Municipal Code is unclear as to how long a vehicle may be parked on a city street. One part of the code says a maximum of 72 hours while another states 24 hours. The code is contradictory and misleading to the public and staff thinks it prudent to clean it up.
  2. Revisions to Municipal Code regarding sign regulations
    • City staff are recommending making changes to the code so that it better conforms with a recent court ruling mandating regulations not be tied to the content of the sign but rather size, materials, type and location. In doing so, some sizes, materials and types of signs will be prohibited. Different rules are being proposed for city right-of-ways and private property.
  3. Temporary outdoor encampments
    • This was on the agenda for the last full City Council meeting but was not dealt with due to time constraints.
    • City staff are recommending adopting modifications to various chapters of the Ferndale Municipal Code that would make outdoor homeless encampments hosted by religious organizations a conditional use and clarifying that churches and religious institutions are conditional uses in all zones.
    • This will bring city code into better alignment with existing state law.
  4. Legoe Avenue developer’s agreement
    • Developer Tommy Truong has requested reconsideration of a 2016 Developer’s Agreement that restricted a multi-family development on Legoe Avenue properties owned by Troung in exchange for conditional use approval for single family attached dwellings in the high single family dwelling zone. While still proposing to build 12 units on his properties, he is requesting to be allowed up to two units on his adjacent property and reducing the number of units on the primary property to ten from twelve. The original agreement prohibited any units on the adjacent property.

Finance and Administration (meets from 10am to 11am)


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  1. Water/sewer payment plan
    • City staff will present a payment plan in response to several water and sewer utility customers who were concerned about getting their water shut off after receiving unexpectedly high amounts on their city utility bills for the period June 5th through August 4th, These bills were sent out on August 31st.
    • City staff are expected to recommend customers have until January 1, 2019 to pay off their August 31st and their October 31st bills. This grace period would end January 1st and any customer who has not brought their account current by then would incur a late fee in January and be subject to water shut off per normal billing terms.
  2. Sewer rate/sewer summer discount
    • Councilmember Cathy Watson Teresa Taylor requested this be on the committee meeting agenda.
    • City Administrator Greg Young will present a recommendation for additional water and sewer rate increases that are lower than previously proposed.
  3. Parks financial planning
    • No supporting agenda documents to explain what will be discussed.
  4. Council Rules of Procedure

Members of the public who would like to attend any of the Ferndale City Council committee meetings are encouraged to do so.

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