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Heavy rains bring Ferndale area road impacts

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There have already been reports of surface water flooding impacting Ferndale area roads and the Nooksack River level forecast foretells of river flooding impacts overnight.

According to a weather station located near Ferndale High School, nearly a half-inch of rain fell between 3pm and midnight and over an inch has fallen today since midnight (as of 5pm).

Water and debris have been reported over some low-lying roads as a result of surface water flooding from the local rainfall. Most notably, Imhof Road, south of Douglas Road, and Marine Drive, west of Ferndale Road, have had signs posted to warn drivers of the water over the roadway.

Local rainfall, while above average for a 24-hour period, is not usually responsible for substantial traffic impacts in the Ferndale area. But heavy rains in the north Cascade Mountains are expected to raise the Nooksack River level at Ferndale high enough to begin spilling over its banks and impacting nearby roads.

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The forecast for the Nooksack River level at Ferndale calls for it to crest at almost the 18-foot mark late Friday night. It is expected to pass the 15-foot mark, the point where some road impacts typically begin to be seen, after midnight tonight. As a result, the National Weather Service has issued a Flood Watch that will be in effect to Saturday

The saturated soils from recent heavy local rains may increase the potential and impacts from flooding.

During tomorrow morning’s commute, drivers using the following roads should be prepared for the possibility of water and debris over the roadway and road closures.

  • Barrett/Paradise Roads
  • Marine Drive
  • Ferndale Road
  • Hovander Road

Slater Road is typically impacted after the river reaches or exceeds the 18-foot mark. But with the potential for an earlier and larger impact than is typical at that river level due to the already saturated ground, drivers on Slater Road should be prepared tomorrow for the possibility of water over the roadway and road closure.

Readers should monitor the current and forecast Nooksack River level here at MFN. Road closures will be updated on the MFN Traffic Page.

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