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UPDATED: Law enforcement pursuit through Ferndale

Ferndale Police were involved in a pursuit of a subject vehicle through Ferndale about 10:25am today. According to City of Ferndale spokesperson Riley Sweeney, a Ferndale Police officer was attempting to perform a routine traffic stop for defective equipment when the suspect failed to stop and continued driving.

According to emergency radio transmissions the officer followed the suspect vehicle at speeds near the speed limit from 3rd and Washington to Vista Drive, up Vista Drive to the roundabout by the high school and north on Malloy Avenue to Brown Road, then south on Portal Way and onto I-5 northbound.

Once on I-5 northbound, Sweeney said, the suspect attempted to use his vehicle to ram law enforcement vehicles.

Ferndale Police can be seen following a subject being pursued on I-5 northbound on this WSDOT traffic camera image.

Ferndale Police then successfully attempted a PIT manuever that resulted in disabling the suspect’s vehicle and he was taken into custody according to Sweeney.

Radio transmissions from the scene reported the suspect’s vehicle had rolled into the median. Aid units were dispatched to a location on northbound I-5 north of the Birch Bay-Lynden interchange.

Location of the end of the pursuit with aid units on scene as viewed on this WSDOT traffic camera image.

The suspect was transported to PeaceHealth St Joseph Medical Center to be medically evalutated as a precautionary measure, Sweeney said. There were no injuries to law enforcment.

The suspect was later identified as Timothy Myron Bailey, age 41, of Ferndale. Ferndale Police booked Bailey into Whatcom County Jail this afternoon charged with suspicion of attempting to elude a police vehicle, 3rd degree driving while his license was suspended, 3rd degree assault and resisting arrest.

According to court documents, Bailey has a criminal history that includes possession of stolen property, harassment, taking a motor vehicle without permission, theft and assault stretching between 1990 and 2005.


  1. Ryan Walter March 28, 2019

    Send the person that fled the police a bill for all of the costs associated with the police pursuit, the capture, processing, incarceration and all other associated costs.


    Let the criminals pay their own way and CUT TAXES NOW.

  2. Ryan Walter March 29, 2019

    I think people are listening. Chicago PD is now demanding that the idiot that faked an assault by “MAGA country” and ended up causing a lot of trouble and wasted time should now cough up 130 large for the time police investigators spent looking into his foolish, criminal actions (false reporting, bearing false witness).

    That’s the way it should be. Criminals should pay the full cost of their crimes, not siphon the costs onto the lap of the oft-abused taxpayer. Who thought up that idiotic arrangement, eh?


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