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Group’s lawsuit challenges Whatcom County’s election process integrity

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — A lawsuit filed in Whatcom County Superior Court is 1 of 4 similar lawsuits filed across Washington by Washington Election Integrity Coalition United (WEICU), a group challenging 2020 General Election results and seeking a full forensic audit of the Washington election system, similar as to an audit in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The plaintiffs’ lawsuit complaints include ballot tampering, misleading statements, use of uncertified voting equipment and not requiring security envelopes for all ballots. While listing 30 other defendants, mostly as John and Jane Does, the complaints are primarily directed toward Whatcom County and Auditor Diana Bradrick.

Before the lawsuit was filed on September 10th, Bradrick’s office was made aware of a video (below) cited in the ballot tampering portion of the complaint and provided a response on a page in the Whatcom County website. In their response they said, “The election worker was preparing ballots for the duplication process,” something done for ballots unable to be scanned. The worker is seen assigning a control number which is hand-written on the bottom of the ballot. “The employee in the video is NOT marking the ballot with vote positions.”

The complaint says Bradrick’s explanation is part of “a cover-up campaign to mislead the public and prevent the public from learning the truth.”

Video alleging ballot tampering referenced in the lawsuit complaint. Published on June 16, 2021

Similar lawsuits were also filed by WEICU in Snohomish, Clark and Thurston Counties. In each case, WEICU has sought residents from each county to join their respective lawsuits as plaintiffs. According to their website they are looking for those with personal experience or personal knowledge regarding “a red flag issue/irregularity” during the election and believe there is a need for a full forensic audit of the Washington election system.

The complaint filed with the lawsuit appears in its entirety below.

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