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Foundation seeks donations to assist Sandy Point flooding victims

Scene of coastal flooding in the Sandy Point area during a 12.3-foot King Tide (December 27, 2022). Photo courtesy of Jael Komac

SANDY POINT, Wash. — The Sandy Point Community Enhancement Foundation (SPCEF), a local non-profit organization, is currently collecting information from victims regarding the coastal flooding events last week. In addition, they are seeking donations to be used to assist victims.

Volunteers with SPCEF said in a press release today, January 3rd, they are working to “help the community document and recover from this event.”

We plan to ask for donations and look for grants to assist people affected by this event. We need to first gauge what the specific needs are. Sandy Point Enhancement Foundation (January 3, 2023)

SPCEF has published an online survey for those impacted to determine “how far reaching the flooding and resulting standing water of 12/27-12/30/2022 was.”

We are interested in finding out the extent of not only structural damage, but damage to vehicles, landscaping and other types of impacts like not being able to leave or return to a home, loss of income, etc. We have also seen heartbreaking photos of newly opened Christmas presents floating in muddy water. Sandy Point Enhancement Foundation website (January 3, 2023)

SPCEF volunteers will also help make sure victims receive and complete property damage assessment forms from Whatcom County that need to be filled out.

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