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Forecasters warn of extreme high temperatures later this week

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — Weather forecasts for locations around Whatcom County warn to expect extreme high temperatures beginning Friday, June 25th, through Sunday, June 27th, peaking between 80° and 105° at different locations around the county.

Forecast high temperatures as of June 22nd are as follows.

Bellingham79° 85° 90°
Ferndale83° 87° 93°
Birch Bay83° 87° 91°
Blaine87° 95° 100°
Lynden92° 100° 105°
Sumas91° 101° 105°
Everson/Nooksack92° 101° 105°
Glacier80° 88° 93°
Acme85° 96° 100°
Sudden Valley83° 94° 99°

Washington Emergency Management Division recommends the following steps you can take now to try and keep your home cool:

  • Do not rely on a fan as your primary cooling device
  • Cover windows with drapes or shades
  • Weather-strip doors and windows
  • Use window reflectors such as aluminum foil-covered cardboard to reflect heat back outside
  • Add insulation to keep the heat out
  • Learn to recognize the signs of heat illness.

The also recommend seeking out places equipped with air conditioning such as libraries, shopping malls and community centers to beat the heat.

The extended Whatcom County weather forecast calls for the heat to continue Monday with seasonally cool temperatures returning Tuesday and remaining through the rest of the week.

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