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Flocks of flamingos fundraising coming to a yard near you

A flock of flamingos in a yard. Photo courtesy of Tiffany Moyes

Whatcom County Fire District 7 firefighters say to expect flamingos migrating into the area beginning October 1st and sticking around until they leave for the winter November 30th.

The flamingos are one fundraiser local firefighters are doing to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

According to organizers, “Our flamingos really enjoy making new friends so if they end up in your yard don’t be alarmed! We are asking a small donation for removal and/or relocation to a friend of your choice as long as they live within the area of Slater Road to Bay Road and Aldrich Road to Lake Terrell Road/Kickerville Road.”

Another aspect of the flamingo fundraiser is “anti-flocking insurance.” Organizers say anyone who wants to ensure flamingos do not end up in their yard can buy anti-flocking insurance. Insurance is $30 before they arrive or $20 when purchased after flamingos have landed to ensure they do not return.

Click for more information

Click for more information

Once flocked, it can cost $10 to have them removed or $20 to have them removed and sent to a friend’s yard. For $5, you can find out who sent them to your yard.

Organizers say the flocking is to be done in good spirits and not meant to be malicious.

Click here for more details and to purchase anti-flocking insurance.

Click here to request a flock be sent your friend or family member’s yard.

Firefighters will also be participating in the annual Scott Firefighter Stairclimb in March 2019. During the months leading up to that event, they will hold fundraisers such as stairclimb demos in full firefighting gear in front of Ferndale Haggen Food & Pharmacy and “fill the boot” fundraisers on Main Street. These are also done to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

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