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Ferry service scheduled to end early Monday evening

Whatcom Chief making the crossing from Gooseberry Point to Lummi Island (2016). Photo: Whatcom News

Whatcom County Public Works announced via a press release last week that further repairs to the Gooseberry Point dock are scheduled for the early morning hours this Tuesday. As a result, crossings by the Whatcom Chief will end early Monday, April 10th, at 11:20pm. The last evening run from Gooseberry Point to Lummi Island will be at 11:10pm and the last evening run from Lummi Island to Gooseberry Point will be at 11pm.

Repairs are needed as a result of ongoing electrical issues at the Gooseberry Point dock according to the press release.

Service is expected to resume with the first scheduled run Tuesday morning.

The press release also noted, “Due to the complex nature of these repairs, ferry operations must be suspended during the project work and the dock will be pinned and inoperable during these repairs.”

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