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Ferndale woman taken into custody after crashing into a parked car and then into a WCSO patrol vehicle

FERNDALE, Wash. — A Ferndale woman is in custody after failing to stop her vehicle for a traffic stop and then leading Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) deputies on a meandering slow-speed pursuit that ended with her backing into a deputy’s patrol vehicle.

WCSO Spokesperson Deb Slater told Whatcom News via email that a deputy attempted to make a traffic stop about 10:30pm on Thursday, September 1st, northbound in the 4900 block of Waschke Road. Instead of stopping, the vehicle continued and turned westbound on W Larson Road. The deputy continued to follow the suspect vehicle.

The suspect vehicle was seen failing to stop at the intersection of Aldrich and Axton Roads and the deputy terminated the attempt at a traffic stop and began following the vehicle from a distance. The vehicle was seen continuing to run through stop signs.

Ultimately the suspect vehicle turned into a private driveway in the 600 block of W Hemmi Road and crashed into an unoccupied parked vehicle. Deputies followed into the driveway.

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The suspect vehicle attempted to continue fleeing by backing up which resulted in ramming a deputy’s patrol vehicle.

Approximate beginning and end points for the incident

The driver, identified as Shelby Nicole Walton, age 28 and of Ferndale, was taken into custody and booked into Whatcom County Jail charged with suspicion of the following.

  • 2nd degree assault
  • attempting to elude a police vehicle
  • 2nd degree malicious mischief
  • hit-and-run of an unattended vehicle

Walton was also arrested under an active bench warrant out of Whatcom County Superior Court. The warrant was issued when she failed to appear at a hearing on August 5th while out of custody on $10,000 bond. In that court case she faces 2 drug possession charges and a felony bail-jumping charge. Bail has been increased to $20,000 in that case.

Walton is expected to make a preliminary court appearance on the new charges September 2nd where bail will be set for the new court case.


  1. R. Petty September 2, 2022

    I’m sorry this is funny. We have a revolving door. So now this person will be allowed out on bail again to go run more stops signs and potentially kill people in the process. It’s beyond me.

  2. Jerry September 2, 2022

    Ues that is our court system. Just give them bail and be done.

  3. Carrie O- September 2, 2022

    Happens more and more….I remember when a drug charge would send someone to prison for a long time. Now they’re out on low bail to do more crimes

  4. Jyustin Taylor September 3, 2022

    I feel sorry for those with substance abuse problems and feel like there’s nowhere 2 turn, the feeling of hopelessness only to be turned loose into our ever revolving door of the judicial system. They don’t give resources or “outs” 2 ppl who truly want them. Only a cell and a date to go back out into a community where there looked down on and are given even less opportunity 2 turn their life choices around and contribute to THEIR neighborhoods. Mostly just peers who judge prematurely without knowing the individual and their standpoint causing only less after less opportunity over and over etc. We shouldn’t be so quick to think about what this person has done but maybe what this person might do given the opportunities and RESOURCES to make a positive charge in and for our community.

  5. Mary J September 5, 2022

    Simply Google “free drug addiction counselling”. The official Whatcom County site lists 13 locations specifically offering help even for destitute people. The problem is this woman hasn’t made a responsible choice to get control of her problem.

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