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Event: I-5 & Slater Road improvements – WSDOT Q&A session at Ferndale Public Library Fri. Feb 21

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FERNDALE, Wash. — The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is currently in the process of collecting information to help WSDOT engineers determine community priorities as they develop plans for improvements around the I-5 and Slater Road interchange. As was previously reported, a survey has been published that can be completed online. In addition, a “tabling event” has been scheduled at the Ferndale Public Library where WSDOT staff will be available to answer questions about the survey and future design stages.

When:             10am to 1pm, Friday, February 21st
Where:           Ferndale Library, 2125 Main St., Ferndale, WA
Details:           Members of the WSDOT team will help people access the survey, answer survey and project questions and share upcoming steps in the design and construction process. There is no formal presentation so the public is invited to visit at any time during the event hours.

“We want to make sure that this interchange meets the needs of the surrounding communities by designing it to solve the problems people currently encounter,” said Project Engineer Melissa Ambler.

Project funding by the state is $21.1 million with $2 million slated to be provided during state budget cycles during 2019 to 2021, $9 million during 2021 to 2023 and $10.1 million during 2023 to 2025.

People unable to attend the session have until noon on Monday, February 24th to complete the survey.

Design engineers will use survey feedback to create design alternatives that WSDOT will present to the community during a spring 2020 open house. Construction is currently scheduled for 2023 and 2024.


  1. PAT Eastman February 18, 2020

    Just a question, how many cars a day travel on Slater road?
    In light of the amount of vehicles that use Slater is putting up steel gates to close the road every time there is water on the road really a better fix than raising just the lowest part of the dip between the river bridge and the train tracks???

    • Scott Henry February 19, 2020

      One would think so but I don’t think they care about that as it’s only a few days a year is my guess and it sucks

  2. Erin McNutt February 18, 2020

    I agree with Pat. Why are we spending to fix the interchange that will mostly help the new truck stop and not raise the road above flood level that will help everybody who has to travel west? Ferndale proper is a nightmare when Slater is out due to flooding.

  3. Frank Chsmpagne February 18, 2020

    Yes, raising that short section of roadway seems like a no brainer. Instead of fiddling around with gates and poorly notified c,osures with discreet little signs half way up the exit ramp, just solve the problem!

  4. Andrea E. Petrich February 19, 2020

    The section of Slater Road near the Nooksack River is outside of the I-5 Slater Road Interchange Improvement project area and is managed by Whatcom County. The funding for the interchange improvement project and the scope of the project is determined by the Legislature. The low area near the river is a priority for Whatcom County when funding is available.

  5. Bud Reum February 19, 2020

    Yes raising that section would definitely help the horrendous traffic problem on main street that is already a nightmare every day.

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