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County emergency weight restrictions to be lifted later today

A large frost boil erupted on Ferndale Terrace (January 18, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Later this afternoon, Whatcom County Public Works will lift the county-wide emergency load restrictions put in place on January 15th.

According to staff at the Public Works office, the emergency load restrictions will be lifted effective 2pm this afternoon.

Citations were being issued for violations of the load restrictions. Several area roads were damaged by frost boils and other results of roadbeds thawing out after several days of subfreezing temperatures. According to County Public Works, impacted county roads included

* Brown Road in the 3500 block
* Elder Road in the 5000 block
* South Red River Road between Slater Road and Haxton Way

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City of Ferndale staff plan to assess city roads this afternoon. If a decision to lift the restrictions is made, it will likely not take effect until tomorrow at the earliest according to staff.

Two roads in Ferndale, Douglas Road and Ferndale Terrace, were closed due to extensive road damage. City staff said to expect these roads to remain closed until repairs to the road surface can be made.


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