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Dramatic change in river level forecast overnight

Whatcom News file video.

FERNDALE, Wash. — This morning’s updated Nooksack River level forecast at Ferndale was less worrisome than those given over the past few days.

Recent river level forecasts foretold of the river cresting at Ferndale as high as the 19-foot mark today, Friday, January 24th. This morning’s updated forecast expects the river to crest around 14.5 feet in the early morning hours tomorrow.

Historically, road impacts such as the closing of low-lying roads near the river begin occurring when the river reaches the 15-foot mark.

While nearby pasture lands are showing signs of saturation and some roads have been impacted by surface water flooding due to recent heavy local rain, road closures due to river flooding are less likely than before given today’s updated river level forecast.

Drivers and property owners near the river are advised to monitor the Nooksack River level forecast at Ferndale since river level forecasts can change frequently.

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