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UPDATED: Disabled mobile home on a trailer blocking Portal Way

Mobile home disabled after being trailered on Portal Way (January 4, 2022). Photo: Whatcom County Public Works

CUSTER, Wash. — Officials with Whatcom County Public Works said today, January 4th, a section of Portal Way, between Birch Bay-Lynden Road and Creasey Road, was expected to remain closed into tomorrow due a disabled mobile home on a trailer blocking both lanes.

According to witnesses, the mobile home was being towed by a farm tractor. Pieces of broken wheel and brake debris were seen on the road behind the mobile home after it ended up blocking the road.

UPDATE 1/4/21 3:50pm: It was reported Portal Way had been reopened to traffic.


  1. Cyndy Wilson January 4, 2022

    Opps😱….looking at a nasty fine in the New Year…not a good start 😞

    • Linnea McC January 4, 2022

      Right?! And with another severe Winter Storm arriving soon to boot with up to 8″ of snow between now and Wednesday, not a fun thing to have to remedy.

  2. Linnea McC January 4, 2022

    That mobile home has most definitely seen its better days. I’m sure they were transporting it violating a number of RCW’S including a non-permitted OD load. Ouch that fine is definitely going hurt the pocketbook of a couple people Imma thinkin’!

  3. Katie E Wilferd January 4, 2022

    Sounds like they were trying to avoid having to pay money to move it but that’s not the way to do it

  4. Stephanie Olson January 4, 2022

    I passed it on Barr Rd & Mountain view, surprise it makes it that far.

  5. Da’Nerb Osreviv January 5, 2022

    Why did the house cross the road?
    Because it fell like it! 🤣

  6. Cyndy Wilson January 5, 2022


  7. Ray✨ January 5, 2022

    Join Peeps as she chases the White Rabbit and journeys into a topsy-turvy world that gets “curiouser and curiouser” as her fantastical adventures unfold at home Meet the Mad Hatter her husband… jk It brings joy to see something new on the side of the road😎

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