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Deteriorated culvert under Slater Road being monitored – road closure possible

Slater Road looking west over Jordan Creek (November 2, 2016). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Whatcom County Public Works (WCPW) recently announced a project to “replace an existing 10-foot wide by 7-foot tall steel arch culvert under Slater Road at Jordan Creek.” Jordan Creek passes under Slater Road just west of Elder Road and has been the site of other projects in the past year. Current speed limit through that segment of Slater Road has been reduced from 50mph to 35mph due to the rough road surface.

According to an announcement from WCPW, Slater Road is expected to be closed during the project between Elder Road and Lake Terrell Road beginning the spring of 2017 and continuing into late 2017 or early 2018.

The existing culvert has deteriorated and is considered a barrier to fish passage and will be replaced with an approximately 140-foot span bridge.

The planned detour routes during the project are, according to project information, likely to include Elder Road, Unick Road and Lake Terrell Road for local traffic and I-5, Grandview Road, Kickerville Road and Lake Terrell Road for truck traffic.

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But the road may require closing before the project gets underway. WCPW noted,

Due to the deteriorated condition of the existing culvert this site will be monitored closely over the upcoming fall and winter to ensure the safety of the traveling public. Should conditions at the site change requiring a closure of Slater Road the signed detour route noted above will be utilized.

In the past, heavier traffic volume indicated a significant portion of Sandy Point, Phillips66 refinery and Alcoa Intalco Works traffic opted to use Main Street through downtown Ferndale and on to Mountain View Road when Slater Road was closed due to previous construction at that location.

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