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Clock tower spire to be lifted prior to return to court

Maragaret Rojzsa stands next to the clock tower section of her home. Framing is in place atop the tower to receive the spire (February 22, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

A key architectural element of the “clock tower” house at 2147 Main Street is scheduled to be lifted in place Wednesday, March 8th.

The spire that will top the clock tower section closest the street is scheduled to be lifted up at 10:04am on Wednesday according to builder and resident Art Rojsza. Explaining the choice of date and time, Rojsza said in an email that he selected March 8th “to appropriately celebrate International Woman Day, highly celebrated day in our home land,” and the time, “We will target lifting moment to start at precisely 10:04 am, as reference to “Back to the future” movie, as we look optimistically forward in to the future.”

Rojsza recently placed clock faces frozen at 10:04 in the alcoves on each side of the clock tower.

spire being constructed next to the clock tower where it will be lifted 2017-02-22
Spire being constructed next to the clock tower where it will be lifted atop (February 22, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Rojszas’ reported repeated lack of compliance with City of Ferndale (COF) building codes, issued permits and other disagreements have landed him and his wife Margaret in court numerous times with the COF over the past 10+ years.

Rojszas and the COF are scheduled to return to court again two days after the spire is scheduled to be placed since the COF is petitioning the court to enforce a July 2016 judgement against the Rojszas for not meeting agreed upon deadlines.

The COF’s attorneys state in their filing with the court, “The court has twice provided leniency to the Rojszas, imposing no penalties and providing flexibility to the Rojszas as far as timing and the ability to request changes to their building plans. The time for leniency with the Rojszas is long past. The Rojszas have shown no interest in complying with this Court’s rulings, and a strict compliance order is warranted.”

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