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City plans to restore “Summer of Fun” activities in 2021

FERNDALE, Wash. — Included in the events were cancelled in 2020, during the height of state government COVID-19 mandates forbidding group gatherings, were the annual “Summer of Fun” events City staff have undertaken since 2017. But the taxpayer-funded and free-to-attend events are expected to return this summer according to City staff even if in slightly different forms due to expectations of continued COVID-19 mandates.

Ferndale Communications Officer Riley Sweeney announced a schedule of events for 2021 after last night’s regular City Council meeting where an ordinance and resolution, both dealing with mask wearing requirements, were approved with some modifications by unanimous vote.

The ordinance provides the City with “authority to implement [City park] rules and regulations of a temporary nature to protect public health and safety or for any other reason.” This was modified to limit such temporary rules to 2 months before requiring a review by the Parks, Recreation and Trails Advisory Board (PRTAB).

The resolution will “require all attendees at Ferndale Parks events to properly wear face coverings, which can include face masks, gaiters, bandanas, or face shields.” Also included in the resolution, “Unless an exemption is claimed prior to admittance based on a health condition, any attendee refusing to wear a mask will be denied entry or asked to leave.”

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With those requirements for attendance officially in place, Riley announced the following schedule of events.

  • 3 Food Truck Fridays in Pioneer Park near Star Park
  • 3 Music in the Park live music events at the Pioneer Park stage
  • 3 Flicks in the Park outdoor movie events among the cabins in Pioneer Park
  • The Great Ferndale Frontier Folly” (a citywide scavenger hunt)
  • Stargazing during the peak of the Perseids Meteor Shower at VanderYacht Park

Specific dates and updated event details are available on the City of Ferndale website.

The Summer of Fun events are held during 2021 with a budget of $19,000 according to Sweeney. Last year there was a budget of $21,000 although only $1,000 to $2,000 was spent due to event cancellations.

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