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Business owner Steve Martinson speaks to City Council during the public comment period of the City Council Meeting (December 4, 2017). Photo: My Ferndale News

City Administrator explains the City Council agenda for Monday’s meeting

The following is provided courtesy of Ferndale City Administrator Greg Young regarding the Ferndale City Council meeting agenda for the regular meeting scheduled for 6pm, Monday, July 16th.

We will begin Monday night at our regular 6PM start time. We have a full Consent Agenda but the regular agenda is somewhat light. On the Consent Agenda we have the following items:

• Cherry Street Sidewalk and Pioneer Village Pathway Bid Award – We have received grant monies for two sidewalk projects – one is for sidewalks along Cherry Street and the other is for concrete pathways linking the various cabins in Pioneer Village. Since the two projects employ the same type of material, we have decided to combine them and use one contractor for both. The projects will begin right after the Old Settlers Weekend.

• Construction Engineering (CE) and Inspection Contract for the Cherry Street Sidewalk and Pioneer Village Pathway Project – While the above item awarded the contract for the actual construction, this contract will provide for engineering oversight and inspection services.


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• CE/Inspection Contract for the Portal Way Compact Roundabout Project – We have previously awarded this construction project to the low bidding contractor and, as was the case above, this agreement will provide engineering oversight and inspection services.

• Ordinance Revising the Development Standards – This are minor modifications to our development standards that will clarify our Code as it relates to where water check valves (devices that prevent water from backflowing into our water system and potentially contaminating it) are to be located and the city/property owner’s responsibilities.

• Ordinance Modifying Code Enforcement – These modifications will further refine our stop work order process and the associated penalties.

• Personnel Policies Resolution – State law has recently changed relating to sick leave and this revision to our personnel policies will bring us into compliance.

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• Budget Amendment Ordinance – This revision to our 2018 budget will reflect the recent purchase of the house on Washington Street and revise beginning fund balances for interfund transfers.

Following the Consent Agenda, we will hear from the design team tasked with completing design and engineering for our upcoming Thornton Overcrossing (bridge) project. We have been the recipient of grant funds from the State (Connecting Washington) totaling a little over $19 million dollars for this project that will connect Thornton to the roundabout at the freeway via a bridge that spans the railroad tracks.

This project will begin construction in 2019 and will take a couple of years to complete. We will receive the bulk of the grant fund in July of 2019 and this is when we hope to bid the project. In anticipation of this project, we extended a new sewer line down the roundabout gravel road and up to Thornton Road earlier this year.

Following this we will hear from our Assistant Planner, Hailey Miller, on some of the ongoing private development projects underway in town. As has been the case for the last few years, Ferndale is seeing significant growth throughout the City.

The last item is a revision to our Animal Control Enforcement code. Due to some recent activity related to roosters, we are taking steps to specify that Animal Control has the legal ability to remove roosters since they are not allowed in the city.

Well that is all for now – I hope everyone is enjoying their summer – see you at 6PM Monday night.

The public is encouraged to attend City Council meetings. They are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 6pm in Council Chambers at the City Hall Annex at 5694 2nd Avenue.

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