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Citizen reports suspicious car, Everson Police arrest 2 felons with guns and drugs

Items found during search of a vehicle in Everson (June 23, 2022). Photo courtesy of Everson Police Department

EVERSON, Wash. — Everson Police say an alert citizen’s call to 911 led to the arrest of 2 convicted felons in possession of drugs and firearms.

On June 23rd, Everson Police were dispatched to a construction site near the 7200 block of Everson Goshen Road due to report of a suspicious vehicle. A citizen told the 911 call receiver that the vehicle had not moved for over 30 minutes and that it may be occupied.

Upon arrival, the officers located a light-green vehicle with no plates parked near a dirt berm. Walking up to the vehicle, the officers saw 2 occupants slumped over with drug paraphernalia on them. The officers woke the 2 men. Consent was given to search the vehicle and officers recovered counterfeit oxycodone pills made from fentanyl, cash, scales, small bags, firearms (1 reported stolen) and suspected stolen items.

Both men were convicted felons which prohibits them from legally owning or possessing firearms.

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According to Whatcom County Jail records, Adam Gabriel Wisniewski, age 40, was arrested and booked into the jail by Everson Police charged with suspicion of the following crimes.

  • Possession of a control substance with intent to deliver
  • Unlawful possession of a firearm
  • Possession of a stolen firearm
  • Negligent driving

There is no indication of charges against the second person in the vehicle.

Wisniewski has prior felony convictions that include unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver (heroin) and residential burglary.


  1. Tara Weber June 27, 2022

    Good job citizen and Everson Police!

  2. John June 27, 2022

    That’s impossible. Convicted felons can’t get guns

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