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Car pursued at over 100mph ends up going the wrong way on I-5 in Ferndale

Washington State Patrol - Whatcom News file photo

A driver attempting to elude law enforcement went the wrong way on I-5 in the Ferndale area last night.

According to WSP Trooper Heather Axtman, a Washington State Patrol (WSP) trooper initially attempted to overtake the car on northbound I-5 about 7:25pm for doing over 80mph in a 60mph zone.

Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office deputies and Ferndale Police officers were alerted to the pursuit and several responded to I-5 in the Ferndale area. Speeds were reported to be over 100mph at one point.

The pursuit continued on northbound I-5 past the Main Street interchange (Exit 262) when the car exited at the Portal Way off-ramp (Exit 263).

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According to Ferndale Police Lieutenant Bill Hatchett, an officer in position at Portal Way saw the car exit the interstate, drive around the Portal Way roundabout and re-enter the northbound lanes driving southbound. The officer did not take up pursuit which would have required the officer also enter I-5 going the wrong way.

Law enforcement lost sight of the car and it was assumed to have exited I-5 at Main Street or crossed over to the southbound lanes. 1 local driver reported to MFN that they encountered the wrong-way driver in the northbound lanes near the Nooksack River bridge.

Axtman said they know the license plate on the car, have a description of the suspect driver and are working with other law enforcement agencies to follow up on several leads. As of this morning, no one was in custody.

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  1. Ryan Walter March 2, 2019

    When they find the criminal, be sure to hand her/him an invoice for all the taxpayer money spent tracking them down. Think about it, why should law-abiding citizens pay anything at all for the action of criminals? Hand them a bill for all the trouble they cause and then make them pay for their upkeep in prison. Work, drain their bank account, who bloody cares as long as we don’t have to pay for them.

    Then, CUT TAXES.

    Simple, ain’t it?

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