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Candidates Respond to Questions at Forum – Part 9 of 11

2015 general election candidates forum
Photo: Discover Ferndale

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Ferndale mayoral and city council candidates, including those running unopposed, answered questions posed during a public forum Tuesday, October 13th, at the Pioneer Pavilion Community Center hosted by the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce.

Each candidate was offered 2 minutes to respond to questions asked. Ferndale High School social studies teachers, Scott Browne and Jennifer Kubic, served as moderators. Many students could be seen in the crowd of nearly 70 attendees.

The following is a depiction of the questions and answers but in some cases responses have been paraphrased. This is not to alter the intended meaning or emphasis but due to limitations in hearing and recording verbatim.

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Question: Businesses and residences on Portal Way do not feel taken care of compared to other areas of town. What will you do about this?

Rebecca Xczar – The city planning commission just asked council to change the zoning there. It had been zoned “gateway” but that didn’t accomplish its goal so now it will be changed back to “mixed use.” The number of small parcels makes large development more difficult.

Paul Ingram – They have not been taken care of. Previous administrations have ignored that side of town. But the new cheese store is a good example of what is going to happen there. Sidewalks require lots of money which is only going to come from sales taxes.

Keith Olson – We recently received grant money for Washington Street sidewalks and had requested the same for Portal Way but was denied. It all comes back to money. Most grant sources have dried up including federal sources. But we are trying.

Greg Hanson – Roads handling massively more traffic are getting priority in these days of tight budgets.

Cathy Watson – I would like to see the Thornton connector happen because it will jumpstart that area. And more businesses will bring better roads to the area.

Glenn Stewart – I consulted with a guy with a grocery store on Portal Way and spent hours there. Curbs and sidewalks would be much appreciated. Neighborhood representation [in city council] doesn’t exist yet. That is something I would propose.

Teresa Taylor – I expect developers will be looking at Portal Way soon. We should reconsider some of the taxes put on businesses coming in.

Jon Mutchler – I remember what 2nd Ave coming into town used to look like and what it is now, very nice. Homes built pay into traffic impact fees. When there are more of those we can build better roads. More development allows for these things.


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