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Canadian wildfire smoke shows up in Washington

Sunsets have been a little more dramatic since Tuesday when a layer of smoke from wildfires in northern Alberta, Canada, appeared across much of Washington state.

Yellow indicates locations impacted by smoke from wildfires in northern Alberta as of May 30th. Source:

A marine stratus, a low lying gray cloud layer, was visible across the Ferndale area this morning and caused some to wonder if they were seeing the smoke and if there were health concerns.

As of 7am this morning, May 30th, the Northwest Clean Air Agency air monitoring station located on Loomis Trail Road reported air quality within the “GOOD” range (see graphic below).


  1. Mary Francis May 30, 2019

    Serious medical issues of atmospheric smoke and dramatically increasing wildfires cause life-threatening asthma and heart attacks, bring communities to their knees, reduce entire towns to rubble, kill men, women, children, animals and burn crops & entire forests. Why are you leading this story with sunsets? A dramatic sunset is not the news and almost gives this story a red herring effect.
    Please report this as one of the serious consequences of climate change that it is.

    • Benjamin Davenport May 30, 2019

      How about reporting it as one of the serious consequences of forest mismanagement? We should tax Canada for polluting our air.

      • Andrew Weilandt June 1, 2019

        Canada should tax the USA for polluting Canada’s air because of forest mismanagement.

  2. Alicia Meader May 30, 2019

    Maybe She lead with Sunsets because it’s a True Fact that there Was an Amazing Sunset. That can be proven that the Sunset Happened when the Cause of the Fire can Not be Proven that it was Climate Change. No matter what she believes, she may just be going on Facts like a good journalist.
    Also aFact is that Humans are to Blame for Forest Fires 10 times more than a Natural Event (still may not be climate change, I don’t know). Arson, Irresponsible Camp Fires, Cigarette Butts flicked out a window, Burning leaves in a Yard, Fireworks to entertain …. Many other reasons can be proven. Lightning? Is it a natural thing that’s been happening since the formation of earth and the dolor system? Or did lightning happen only in the last 100 yrs or last 50 yrs since more cars were used? Will India stop worshipping cows so less cows fart?Can planting more trees that take in CO2 Save Us? Oh! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️ I Know this Answer Teacher! Oh!🙋🏾‍♀️Oh! 🙋🏼‍♂️…No. That won’t do it. Less Cars and more Donkeys & Horses That emit CO2?
    No. Only Less Humans.
    You Figure Out How to Do That. Well, it will be easier when you get Humans on board with no📱 or even 📞☎️, no 🔦 no 💵💳 no 🔨’s no 🚘✈️🚃🏍⛽️ no … Well, basically go through all your emojis on your phone. You get None of those.
    🌅 Interesting, That leaves us with Sunsets🌄 Mary Francis
    ⏱🕰 Time is Ticking ⏰⏳

    • alys kennedy June 1, 2019

      Canadian wild fires are not the only thing polluting our air. it is only adding to the already polluted – done by ourselves with our luxurious life styles – cars, heated homes electricity, et al, all our techie toys; we are just as responsible for those wild fires as anyone, we all contribute to the warming of the planet, which is causing rapid and dangerous climate changes. we had almost NO winter or spring rain – washington will be on fire next.

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