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Multiple Pedestrians Run Down on Smith by Graveline Road

4:40pm The injured boys have been identified as Michael Brewster, 17, and Kole Randall, 17, and both are reported to have suffered broken legs.

4:25pm Bellingham Herald has reported the deceased boys are Shane L. Ormiston, 18, of Ferndale & Gabriel Anderson, 15.

4:20pm State Patrol reports that the driver has been arrested for 2 counts vehicular homicide and 2 counts vehicular assault.

3:50pm Ages of the two deceased boys are 15 and 18 years. Both hospitalized boys are 17-years old. Hospitalized boys have reportedly been upgraded from critical to satisfactory condition.


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3:45pm The media onslaught has brought helicopters into the area, circling the tragedy at Northwest Drive and Smith Road.

From Ferndale Mayor Gary Jensen:

By now, most of you have heard the tragic news resulting from the accident on Smith near Graveline.

There are simply no words to soothe the pain of this loss. Ferndale is hurting and we mourn together, as a community.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the families in this time of tragedy.



3:00pm Bellingham Herald reports victims were participating in a P.E. class and out walking on the sidewalk along W Smith Road.

2:32pm WSP’s picture of the vehicle. Now reported 2 males deceased and 2 males taken to the hospital.

WSP PIO pic vehicle vs pedestrians

2:30pm Ferndale School District:

Ferndale Schools is keeping all Windward students at Windward High School. Ferndale School District will transport students home later on an additional bus run.

2:10pm High schools are about to dismiss for the day. Bellingham Herald is reporting driver may have fallen asleep.

2:05pm According to State Patrol: Four high school students walking were struck from behind. 2 deceased, 2 critically injured and transported to St Joseph’s.

2:00pm Lots of law enforcement and medical services radio traffic as there is a man hunt with helicopter assistance going on in south Bellingham at the same time as first responders are dealing with this tragedy.

1:55pm Reports are a vehicle left the roadway and struck pedestrians who were on the sidewalk. Possibly two fatalities.

1:50pm Grief support personnel are being requested. DF will not be taking pictures at the scene out of respect for the victims and their families and to not be in the way of first responders.

1:45pm People really need to avoid the area. Hindering emergency response.

1:35pm Lifeflight has been alerted. Smith and Graveline are both closed in the area. Use alternate routes.

1:30pm There has been an initial report of at least 4 people being struck by a vehicle on W Smith Road by Graveline Road.

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