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Bellingham School Board director faces possible $1,000 fine due to alleged PDC violations

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — A Washington Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) enforcement hearing is scheduled for August 25th to consider PDC staff allegations that Bellingham School Board Director Katie Rose violated Washington state law by failing to file a Personal Financial Affairs Statement (F-1) for 2021 by an April 2022 deadline.

Rose has served as a director on the Bellingham School Board since December 11, 2019.

State law requires every elected official and every executive state officer who served for any portion of the preceding year to file a statement of financial affairs for that calendar year or portion of that year before April 15th of the following year.

According to PDC documents, Rose failed to file a F-1 report for 2020 and assessed a $250 civil penalty. This current action alleges she has also failed to do so for 2021 and now faces a $1,000 penalty due to this being a second violation.

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PDC case documents say PDC staff emailed reminders from March 10th to April 5th to all elected and appointed officials with missing 2021 F-1 reports. On May 11th, PDC staff mailed and emailed a warning notice to Rose regarding her missing 2021 F-1 report.

A hearing notice was served on August 11th by email and mail and, as of August 17th, no F-1 report had been received for 2021.

The $250 penalty assessed after being found guilty of the prior violation has not been paid nor has the F-1 report for 2020 been received.

Rose did file a 2019 F-1 report in August of 2020.

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  1. Penn Ira A August 22, 2022

    Why is she still on the Board?

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