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Air stagnation advisory for Whatcom County issued

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — Officials with the National Weather Service Seattle office today issued an air stagnation advisory for much of northwest and west central Washington, including Whatcom County.

The advisory will be in effect between 4pm Sunday to noon Wednesday.

According to the advisory statement, air stagnation could result in the development and persistence of poor air quality.

Check the latest air quality measures for your part of the county on the Whatcom News Weather page.


  1. Caroline January 23, 2022

    If there’s a light wind, how does the air stay stagnant? AQI has no unitsin that graphic, the NWS alert doesn’t explain things well, that’s not the fault of Whatcom News, it’s NWS. First time I have ever heard of this when an inversion layer isn’t included.

  2. Kathy January 24, 2022

    An inversion layer refers to temperature where the air temp increases with altitude increase. Therefore it is associated with high pressure in summer.

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