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Air Quality Continues to Improve in Ferndale

Strong northerly winds Sunday pushed smoke from dozens of Canadian wildfires down into the Puget Sound. The smoke was thick enough, even hundreds of miles from the origin, it appear coming from a nearby fire. This led to many false alarms being called into 911 dispatchers and even Discover Ferndale was contacted by a few worried readers.

Of course, smoke that thick at ground levels brought with it health concerns for infants, the elderly and anyone with respiratory challenges. Fortunately about 6:30pm Sunday night the wind direction shifted and a mild southerly wind worked all night and into today deflecting the smoke coming down and clearing away much of what had already made its way here.

Based on the Washington Air Quality Advisory scale and using measures from an NW Clean Air Agency air monitoring station located in Custer, conditions have gone from “Very Unhealthy” on Sunday to one tic away from “Moderate” as of 4pm on Monday, July 6th (update: reported to be ’93’ by 5pm).

waqa 101
WAQA at Custer air quality monitor station as of 4pm, July 6th, 2015

Smoke showing up over western Whatcom County on satellite imaging today appears to be in the higher elevations thus having less impact than the ground level smoke experienced Sunday.

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The winds are expected to continue from the south through Thursday when a westerly wind should take over. This should mean smoke from recent fires east of Ferndale should not be expected to come this way.



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