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2016 School Levy election results

Update 2/10/16: Revised ballot count 4,644 For and 2.372 Against.

Original story
The initial ballot count for the replacement Ferndale School District Educational Program and Operations Levy was announced tonight at 8:22pm by the Whatcom County Auditor’s office.

With 6,377 votes tallied so far, the levy request is passing with 65.6% in favor and 34.4% against  (4,186 votes for and 2,191 against).

During the last Ferndale replacement levy election in 2012, 8,160 ballots were counted for the Ferndale school levy election. Assuming there are about the same number of ballots in this election, there are not enough yet to be counted (~1,800) to overturn the current result. As such, it is a safe bet that the Ferndale replacement levy will be approved.


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School districts across Whatcom County held elections for replacement levies and all appear to be passing with solid margins tonight.

The next ballot count is expected tomorrow, February 11th at 5pm.

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